“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way…..” Charles Dickens

Many Americans get up in the morning without much hope. They don’t have a job to go to and they are broke. They have a fever but still can’t miss a day of work. They can’t get tested because ICE agents are hanging out at testing centers. They can’t do their classes because the family has only one computer. They can’t keep their house. They can’t get food for the kids. They can’t see their parents who are in ICU. They are rotting in prison. They have lost their small farm to drought. They have lost everything to wind, water and fire.

At the same time many Americans are tickled pink with corporate profits setting records, individual 401Ks soaring, executives getting to work at home, being able to afford the best healthcare and overall being entitled.

This is the Dickensian world that we are in. The majority of the voters in last week’s election felt uncomfortable with this track and want to correct our course. Many were more comfortable with staying the course even with the disparities. Many were just scared of change.

America is at an inflection point when all of us have to turn MSNBC and FOX NEWS off, roll up our sleeves and unite against a common foe, the Coronavirus. We will be leaderless for the next two crucial months. It will be up to us.


Donald J Trump has lost his reelection. After each of his bankruptcies he has proclaimed himself the victor. He has a pattern of declaring victory, hiring lawyers and then walking away. He continues to believe that he won the election and refuses to do the work of the country until he is given his job back. For almost half the country’s voters his bravado was his appeal. But the majority of Americans felt his failures were more important and decisively voted him out. It looks like he will lose by 8.000.000 – 10,000,000 in the nationwide popular vote when the count is certified.

Donald J. Trump has just lost an election. He will heal. We have more important things to do while he licks his wounds.

It has been over a week since the votes started to be counted. Counting legal ballots is simple math. When the noise of the election ends, and all the baseless legal tantrums and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud are exhausted, reality will set in. America is hurting. Action is needed.

I hope that some of the 70 million voters who placed their mark by the R will begin to smell the smoke, see the need to act, and join the fight. They will be needed in our fight with the virus. They will have to shed some pride and accept that the fight worth fighting is with the virus, not with their more liberal neighbors.

Every day of this week Americans have set all time records for Covid-19 hospitalizations. By Joe Biden’s inauguration day close to a half million Americans could be dead from the novel coronavirus unless we act now. Going from “It’s about me” to “It’s about us” won’t be easy.


The Republican Party will have to stop talking about the virus as nothing to worry about. It was a clever message to thwart criticism of their handling of the pandemic. Unfortunately the virus is real, and it thrives wherever doubters gather. Republican leadership must get involved in this war.

Republicans will need to keep Donald J. Trump on the golf course. We should all help pay his green fees.

When he wasn’t working on his game, Donald J Trump made a lot of promises. Making promises worked for him in his business and with women he was hitting on. When things didn’t work out he relied on his legal team to handle things. This worked well until he came up against a virus that couldn’t be bribed.  The 2020 elections will end his role as President of the United States in January. In the meantime he is not expected to suddenly become introspective and spend time mending the country’s deep divisions and pain. In my opinion the fate of democracy in America will depend on who wins the battle for the soul of the Republican Party in the coming lame duck session. This will be politically dangerous.

Democrats must explain to their hard working mask wearing voters who risked everything that the fight with the virus comes first.. These are people who were promised changes that would personally affect them. It will be difficult to explain to them that they may have to wait.

The nation’s scientific and economic communities agree that before we do anything we must contain the spread of the virus . Asking for the sacrifices needed to beat the virus will be the hard part. Democrats will have to put on hold needed reforms knowing that In addition to the virus we have many other immediate threats to our country that if not addressed soon will cause short term avoidable harm and long term irreversible harm. This will be politically dangerous.

A national task force must be formed.

Doctors around the country are begging for national leadership and support for the next few months. They need help now. They can’t wait until a new administration comes into office. Joe Biden has already created an advisory board of 12 scientists. He seems to recognize that we can’t give the virus free rein until his inauguration. This is good news. Until then we will need help for the brave souls dedicated solely to fighting the virus. We will need believable communicators who can bring a sense of urgency to those who feel overly secure.

We must listen

Scientists have been shouting into a wall that self serving politicians have erected. We have to get the politics out and let science in.

We must choose empirical evidence over wishful thinking

Rational thinking has had a powerful enemy in the cultish cesspool of disinformation that has engulfed our politics. We need a flush. Accumulating accurate data will be pivotal in America’s battle to defeat the virus.

We must repair our economy and national character while engaged in this fight.

We now know how unequal the pain and healing have been in this pandemic. We must be willing to get financial assistance and healthcare to those who can’t get testing, can’t distance and quarantine. and can’t skip a day of work. We must be both fair and smart.

There are inflection points in our lives that we can’t ignore. This is one of them. This winter the virus is betting on us not caring and uniting and certainly isn’t waiting for our politicians and citizens to stop their food fight. Democracy and unity ain’t easy. It can be exciting. It can be postponed. It can seem out of reach, and for many it may seem to get in the way, but it is our best hope. It is up to us. All of us..

John Osler

Here are some spirits who understood that there are times we will lose a battle. It was those times that defined who they were. In the end they were victorious. Their voices were heard above the fray. I bet that they are smiling.

Lets not forget RBG’s last wish, “Please don’t let this president select my successor”. That wasn’t possible, but many of us voted so that her legacy won’t be forgotten. Here is a T shirt that I designed for those who took her message seriously.

Please email me at to get a shirt. 


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